Flexible Pricing

At your fingertips, anytime, anywhere

Accommodation Prices

Anything considered a fundamental of reservation management is a prominent part of SuperINN Plus. Have complete control over your pricing structures. Have as many different seasons as you need. Initiate special holiday rates. Have different weekend and weekday rates. Whether it is corporate rates or weekly or monthly rates, SuperINN Plus organizes your rate structures so the innkeeper and guests alike feel comfortable and understand all rate variations.

Accommodation Descriptions

Room descriptions can be accessed and modified at any time by the innkeeper. No need to contact a web designer to modify what is on your website anymore.

Accommodation Photographs

Room photographs can be uploaded and changed at any time. SuperINN Plus allows for several images of each room, offering multiple angles and unique room features.

Minimum Stays

Minimum Stay requirements are a snap with SuperINN Plus. Make sure your guests book the way you want them to. Set and modify minimum stay requirements. When guests don’t book for the amount of nights you wish, they are not told there is no availability and left to fend for themselves. They are politely told they have not met the minimum stay requirements and should either try again or call or email the innkeeper.

Minimum and Maximum Occupancy

Minimum and Maximum occupancy requirements are customizable for each room or unit, to ensure complete versatility for the innkeeper.