Reservations - Simple and Efficient

Easy to learn, easy to use


Have versatile, mobile control over where and when you take payments or process credit cards. Customize your payment settings to accept only the forms of payment you require. Customize credit card options, gift certificate sales and all other forms of payment.

Guest Notes

Three different notes categories allow for private notes your guests won’t see. Notes that your guests can interact with on their registration form. Notes your housekeeping staff can have access to without having full access to all reservation information. Notes are fully transferable from one reservation to another and accessible through easy to use reporting functions.


Versatile reminders allow for an innkeeper to keep track of when and what needs to be done on a day to day basis. Remind yourself to do what it is you need to do for a guest when you need to do it. Accessible not only within a reservation but from main menu functions and reporting.

Guest History

A digital trail of what you have done for your guest is within reach at all times. Every transaction added to the program is kept track of. A complete record of who, when and what exists for all users. Creates full accountability for you and your employees and for your guests at all times. If you did it, it is there, if you did not, it is not.

Emails and Letters

Anything you can email you can print as well and vice versa. All needed letters and emails are available. Confirmations, Thank you’s, Inquiry responses, customized and more. If you do not at first see what you need, the customized email and letter creator allows an innkeeper to create as many custom emails and letters as they desire. All emails sent on customized email stationary to match the look and feel of your individual brand. All letters can be formatted to fit any letterheads or formatted to print on to any paper.

Group Reservations

Book weddings, parties or special occasions with ease and professionalism. The group function lets you book multiple rooms with ease and lets you take care of all the intricacies that occur in group bookings. Take group payments, send group confirmations, simplify your group bookings.

Gift Certificates

Sell, create, redeem and track gift certificates with ease in SuperINN. Sell gift certificates both in house and online. Track gift certificates sold or donated. Redeem gift certificates and account correctly for gift certificate payments. Never lose track of expiration dates, or values of gift certificates ever again. Complete reporting makes it a snap to track outstanding or unclaimed gift certificates.

Registration Forms/Cards

Make check in professional and quick. All pertinent guest information as well as your customizable policy information customized on your letterhead makes check in time an easy time.

Inquiries and Business Contacts

Track and respond to inquiries. Adding inquiry profiles allow for easy booking in the future without double data entry. Include all inquiries in your newsletters and email broadcasts to keep potential guest up to date on future events and specials. Potential guests can add themselves to the newsletters directly from the website without the innkeeper having to lift a finger.

Re-booking Past Guests

Once data entry is done once for a guest you should never have to do it again. Re-book past guests in multiple ways. This function allows you to see guest information before you book, to ensure only the correct guests are allow to re-book. See a compete guest history of all contact information, past reservations and notes before booking.