Why SuperINN?

We're Happy When You're Successful

SuperINN.com partners have been dedicated to developing the web-based property management and reservation system our industry has been looking for. We believe that each client is unique and deserves a versatile reservation system and personalized support.

  1. The first and still the best. SuperINN.com created the first ever web based property management system designed specifically for the small lodging industry.
  2. Real people, real support. Forget knowledge bases and video tutorials, SuperINN has always offered personalized, US-based support
  3. Designed with you and your guests in mind. Easy for you, easy for them.
  4. Partners who understand every aspect of the industry. Since 2001, owners have been part of the design and support process.
  5. Cost effective. More value for your dollar. SuperINN.com does more for less.
  6. Integration and security. Easily integrate with third party sites and safely process and store credit cards.
  7. Mobile friendly. All aspects of the program accessible from all mobile devices.

Our Mission is to Help Your Business Succeed.

We believe your business is at its best when you can focus your efforts on taking care of your clients. Whether it’s making an amazing breakfast, greeting your customers, or tending to their needs, your business succeeds when it garners your attention.

At the same time, we live in a world that demands convenience, usually provided by technology. Your clients want a faster and easier way to check availability and make reservations.

Your clients are busy checking their emails, using multiple apps, messaging with friends and browsing the net – they both live and work online.

We bridge this disconnect by helping you get online quickly and easily. With SuperINN Plus, you create and maintain direct relationships with your clients without all the hassle of repetitive and tedious work.

You take care of your business, we’ll take care of the tech.